Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Norwich Cocktail Week

Last week was Norwich Cocktail Week - my lovely friend Gemma aka Retro Chick. Her and her hubby worked really hard getting all the bars involved, organising events and tasting cocktails.

The launch party was held at Farmer Browns and we were treated a Stoli Vodka cocktails.

I was hoping to get along to more events but the cold bug I had been fighting for weeks hit hard and the only drink I wanted was lemsip.

But it was a fabulous week by all accounts and I will look forward to next year. So I will leave you with some great images.

All photos - Retro Chick

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Fabulous Miss K gets fit!!

For a long time if the vintage frocks have got a little snug it has been an easy task to cut a few calories, dance a bit harder at the weekend and with all the running around I do the few pounds soon come off.

But now as I am technically middle aged it doesn't work that way, the weight is staying on regardless of what I eat and due to the fact that I have been immobile for about 8 weeks due to the crash more than a few of my favourite vintage outfits are too small and no amount of shape wear or moving the buttons across is going to make a difference!!

So the time has come for action - enter Hyde Johnson Personal Training and Group Fitness - a good friend of mine qualified as a personal trainer in her younger days but put it on hold for her family and now as they are grown up she has gone back to it - re-training and earning Grade Three Personal Training qualification and is registered with the Keep Fit Association and EDMP - Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership. She is now offering personalised fitness and diet programs on a one to one basis.

Working along the principals of Rudolph Laban who in true vintage style developed his fitness regime in the 1930's - you can read about his methods here.

A whole new shopping experience was in order - I had no idea that buying trainers was such a chore and why are they so expensive for something so UGLY!!

Monday morning bright and early I headed to Waterloo Park for my first training session. We took it easy to begin with as my ribs are still healing and I am stiff from sitting around.
But with a mixture of slow jogging, walking and squats and lunches along with a little bit of weights for the arms my body had its first workout in weeks!!
Carmen also gives advice on nutrition and healthy eating so workout over I headed home with my eating and exercise plan ready to take on the day.

Post work out brunch - eggs and green tea.
Carmen offers one to one personal training sessions £30 per hour, Small group sessions up to 4 people £10 per person or group fitness classes £5-7 per person - up to 30 people - contact her by email - carmenhydejohnson@gmail.com
Looking forward to continuing my fitness programme and getting back in to my vintage favourites.



Friday, 3 October 2014

Behind the scenes - Fashion Forward Vintage Shoot.

Last week I got together with Retreat Vintage for a fashion shoot to feature some of the fabulous pieces they have in the shop and show how you can get a modern fashion vibe with vintage clothing - taking our inspiration from the Autumn/Winter trends we spent the day photographing amazing outfits.

I am working on a little project that will be revealed soon I am super excited about it but it is still work in progress so I can't tell you all the details so  in the meantime here are a few of the images from the shoot.

The location for the shoot was a great studio in the "getting very cool" North City


The gang for the day were:
Hair and Make -up: Freya  and Amy Rose O'Leary
Models: Amy Woodman, Oksana Smirnova, Anna Konstantynowicz, Hilary Halalay.
The whole shoot was also filmed by my good friend Liz Hollis - which is being edited as I speak and will be available on my You Tube channel very soon.

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Vintage is for everyone

Following on from last weeks post declaring my love for fashion and that vintage should be part of every wardrobe and worn every day not just playing dress up for an retro event - I thought I would share with you a recent shoot with Julia Holland that involved "real" women, all ages and shapes all rocking vintage.

Kate - vintage Prada skirt, H&M jacket, T-shirt and boots models own. Vintage brooch.
The easiest way to add a touch of vintage glamour is a brooch.
Liz - DVF top, 50's vintage skirt, boots and belt models own.
Jane - 60's vintage coat, jewellery high- street, top and trousers models own.
Natasha - 70's dress Retreat Vintage and jacket models own.
Fancy taking your own adventure in vintage - to find out more  look here. Or book on the next vintage workshop with Retreat Vintage - details here.



Thursday, 25 September 2014

Posh B&B and new hats at Sheringham 1940's weekend

Once a year a small seaside town in transported back in time to the 1940's - it is one of my favourite weekends of the season.

Sheringham is the home of the Poppy Line and we had a fabulous time riding on trains, dancing on the platform and chatting to all the lovely peeps that came along and made such an effort with their outfits.

We stayed in a wonderful and very stylish B&B - No 27 - we had a lovely bedroom, sitting room and wet room with the smallest but very cute loo!!

The following morning we tucked into a very filling full English breakfast and fresh coffee - delicious.
We had great fun catching up with friends and chatting with people on the platform - everyone always make such an effort with dressing up and the town shops all take part too.

Saturday Night dance with my lovely hubby on the decks.
1940's jacket Shazam vintage, skirt from a suit from Prim Vintage, 40's hat and shoes.
Gloves from Retreat Vintage.

Vintage suit Shazam vintage, 40s hat Retreat Vintage (that was one of the  new hats!!)
Shoes Rocket Originals and gloves Retreat Vintage.

Vintage suit and blouse Shazam Vintage and another new hat bought from the
stalls at Holt the previous day!!
And I spotted three ladies looking fabulous in the Barbara dresses.

Friday, 19 September 2014

My forgotten passion - I love FASHION!!

I have been wearing vintage since I was around 14 I used to jump at the chance to help my mum out at jumble sales so I could have first dibs - my main aim was re-create the styles of the movie stars I loved and not look the same as anyone else.

Around about 18 I took out a subscription to Vogue - earning my own money meant that I could; previous to this I would spend my pocket money - running to the newsagents every month to get my copy and then rush home to devour it's glossy pages - I adored everything from the designer adverts to fashion spreads created by the interpreters of style. Still wearing vintage I took inspiration from its pages for my own wardrobe.

Working in the industry was all I wanted to do and I am lucky that I have had the opportunity to follow my dream.

Over the years the "vintage scene" has taken over - don't get me wrong I love the events, my 40's style and my love for Old Hollywood movies will never die but I have recently been thinking that I miss fashion. I have never been or will never be a slave to the trends but the buzz I used to get when the new season looks appeared in the pages of the magazines I used drool over, analysing ways the outfits were put together and how I would adapt it to my style.

My personal style has developed over time - I found what suits me and how clothes whether it be high street, vintage or designer can allow me to be whoever  I want  everyday - I may want to channel classic Audrey in a LBD for a cocktail party, masculine Kate Hepburn for a meeting or Carrie for lunch with the girls.

A guest post that I wrote for Missy Vintage sums up my way of thinking and although I know that many vintage peeps didn't like This Old Thing - I like the fact that "non vintage" wearers were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone of the high street was a great idea and getting people to love vintage can't be bad in my book.

Working with my personal shopping clients I have always mixed vintage with high street and designer - vintage in my mind is for EVERYONE and should be worn EVERYDAY not just as part of a "retro" lifestyle.

With that in mind I will be posting regular features on how to add a touch of vintage to your everyday wardrobe, sharing my tips and hints on styling a modern or runway look without the price tag - nothing is new in fashion, designers constantly steal from the past so what better way to shop the seasons with the original inspiration.

Spring/Summer trends
Straight out of the 70's from Gucci
My next workshop with Retreat Vintage is all about shopping the trends - Fashion Forward - Vintage Workshop and you can book on line here.
There you go my name is Fabulous Miss K and I am a fashion addict!!?? I get excited again when the "fashion" issue of Vogue comes out in September with the new seasons adverts and trends I am once again pouring of the glossy pages and thinking how I can take the elements I love to create a unique look.
Would love to hear what you think - can I do both???


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Crime, Fashion books and blowdrys - my varied week!!

It has been a week of trying to sort out my house along with a few fun activities thrown in for good measure.

Thursday morning I met up with the lovely Missy Vintage  for brunch in Pandora's Kitchen, it is the my one of my favourite places in Norwich - fabulous breakfasts, coffee and great friendly staff. In between the bites of food we talked all things Norwich Fashion Week - news coming in the next few months so watch this space.
Breakfast bap with tomato.
That evening I headed out to the Playhouse Theatre to hear Poirot Rises with Sophie Hannah in conversation  with  John Curran talking abut her new novel - the only new Poirot mystery to be approved by the Agatha Christe Estate.
My outfit - with a slight nod to Miss Lemon.
Saturday afternoon I popped along to the launch of  Barry Alan  Hair new Blow Dry Bar -
The services

A fabulous idea gives you the chance to have a quick treatment or blow dry to give you a touch of glamour before and event or just to give you a bit of a boost on a bad hair day.
Bubbly and delicious sweet treats from The Little Party Company were served throughout the day and the staff offered free styling advice and blow dries to a bunch of glamorous ladies,

Kerry is having a bit of a clear out (something which I must do very soon as I am running out of space in the house) so I bought 2 fabulous vintage fashion books from her and so spent the next few evenings drooling over divine frocks.

All in all a rather lovely week. Looking forward to Sheringham this weekend so look out for some fabulous outfit posts and handsome men in uniform oh yes lots of trains!!