Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Crime, Fashion books and blowdrys - my varied week!!

It has been a week of trying to sort out my house along with a few fun activities thrown in for good measure.

Thursday morning I met up with the lovely Missy Vintage  for brunch in Pandora's Kitchen, it is the my one of my favourite places in Norwich - fabulous breakfasts, coffee and great friendly staff. In between the bites of food we talked all things Norwich Fashion Week - news coming in the next few months so watch this space.
Breakfast bap with tomato.
That evening I headed out to the Playhouse Theatre to hear Poirot Rises with Sophie Hannah in conversation  with  John Curran talking abut her new novel - the only new Poirot mystery to be approved by the Agatha Christe Estate.
My outfit - with a slight nod to Miss Lemon.
Saturday afternoon I popped along to the launch of  Barry Alan  Hair new Blow Dry Bar -
The services

A fabulous idea gives you the chance to have a quick treatment or blow dry to give you a touch of glamour before and event or just to give you a bit of a boost on a bad hair day.
Bubbly and delicious sweet treats from The Little Party Company were served throughout the day and the staff offered free styling advice and blow dries to a bunch of glamorous ladies,

Kerry is having a bit of a clear out (something which I must do very soon as I am running out of space in the house) so I bought 2 fabulous vintage fashion books from her and so spent the next few evenings drooling over divine frocks.

All in all a rather lovely week. Looking forward to Sheringham this weekend so look out for some fabulous outfit posts and handsome men in uniform oh yes lots of trains!!




Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Faded Granduer, a trip down memory lane - our Brighton weekend

Last weekend we visited the seaside - a good friend was having a birthday bash so we thought that we would combine a celebration and take a trip back in time.

My mum was from Brighton and I spent many a happy holiday on the beach and exploring the antique and quirky shops in the Lanes.

We stayed in the Grand Hotel - situated  right on the seafront between the two piers. The hotel has recently had a re-vamp to restore it to splendour - there is still some work to be done but the d├ęcor was beautiful and very "grand" with sweeping staircases and chandeliers.


One thing that I had wanted to do since my mum passed away 3 years ago was to take part of her back to her beloved Brighton beach - she spent many a happy summer sunbathing.  My father used to take the train to court her before they got married, and one of my favourite photos of my parents is of them on the seafront.

So when we arrived and had settled in I stood on Brighton beach and scattered some of my parents ashes back where they were always happy. It was a sad moment but something that I am so glad I did.
Most of the weekend was spent roaming around the Lanes, drinking coffee and sipping cocktails - many of the antique shops I remember have since been replaced with high-street chains but there were still a few quirky ones left.

My final mission was to visit the town hall - my Grandfather was Lord Mayor of Brighton in 1935 so I wanted to see if I could find out where he would have served his term.
Edward Denne 1935-36

Brighton has changed a lot since I was last there - more generic shops, late night hen and stag parties, but it still has an appeal - a faded grandeur that shows signs of the glamour it once had when my grandfather, my parents and the very chic couple who are one of my favourite style icons owned a house beside the sea.
It was lovely to take a trip back in time and re-live some child hood memories - and have laid my parents to rest.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Not murder but magic on the Orient Express

This Saturday was a dream come true for me - I have always loved train travel - the romance and the mystery of where people are going and meeting, I am of course talking about the good old days of porters and carriages with proper seats.

For my 50th and our wedding anniversary we had booked lunch on The British Pullman something I had wanted to do my whole life - it almost didn't happen the Saturday before we had a car crash on the way to an event and I spent a few days in hospital nursing fractured ribs but nothing was going to stop me going on this trip so armed with pain killers and my leg in a surgical bandage we headed of to London to pick up the train.

Walking or should I say hobbling along platform No 2 at Victoria we arrived at the check in

We were allocated our carriage - Audrey - built as a first class kitchen car in 1932 making her debut on New Year's day 1933 as part of the first all electric Pullman train. She then spent nearly 40 years of service as part of the Brighton Belle - this was fabulous to know as the Brighton Belle was the train that my father used to take when courting my mum, traveling from London to Brighton at the weekends.

Just a short wait and then the iconic train pulled into the station and my heart skipped a beat - the carriages slowing coming to a stop so we could get on board.

Hat - Shazam Vintage, 1940's vintage dress - Paris, gloves - Retreat vintage and shoes Rocket Original. (Surgical stocking courtesy of the NHS!!)
Once we were seated champagne was served in the most beautiful crystal glasses and the train gently pulled out for the start of our journey.
As we travelled through the Kent countryside fabulous food kept coming and wine glass was refilled as if by magic, stewards effortlessly served our lunch and how they managed to serve soup from a terrine on a moving train I will never know!!

The food was delicious and the service was fabulous. After a couple of hours the train manager informed us that we would be arriving at Winstable shortly for a short stop with champagne and oysters served on the platform.

The trip was everything I imagined and then some. I didn't do much running around carriages as I wanted but didn't want to hurt my ribs anymore so here are a here are just a few more fabulous pictures of the carriage.

Sadly we all to soon arrived back at Victoria Station and our journey was at an end. Leaving the old fashioned style behind us we vowed to return one day and maybe just maybe do the ultimate Paris to Venice.


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Cosmo's and Carrie's Wardrobe.

Last Thursday I ran my second vintage workshop at Retreat Vintage - fashion loving ladies packed the tiny shop to sip Cosmos and shop till they dropped.

Joline and I spent weeks watching the episodes and films all in the name of research you understand - what a hard life we lead.

We found lots of fabulous outfits from Carrie's Wardrobe and while ladies listened we talked through her iconic style.

Then numerous outfits had to be tried on and bought!! With Joline and myself on hand for style advice.
"What do think of this one?"

Our Carrie outfit - a customer bought the whole outfit the following day!!

More shopping!!

Cartier no less - Carrie would approve!!

Vivienne Westwood - as seen on one of the episodes.

Cute and sooo Carrie!!

We have more workshops planed so for more information and to book on line for the next one visit my website - www.fabulousmissk.co.uk/events for all the details.